Sunday, January 11, 2009

First official weigh in!

well, I weighed in officially this morning. I am down 5 pounds, which was what I had gained between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am happy with that though! I also lost a total of 5 inches - 2 in my tummy!

This next week the kids go back to Y classes so I am upping my work outs from the few minutes here and there I got this week at home to the full program I set up for myself, which is half an hour of cardio monday and wednesday mornings, and then another half an hour of cardio those afternoons/evenings plus half an hour of weight training on those afternoons/evenings. Although I'd prefer to mix up the days instead of doing two workouts a day two days a week, those are the times the kids are already in classes so I am there with nothing else to do so it works out well!

I may try to add another half an hour of weight training on Friday mornings before work, but I don't know if that will work out with my volunteer time in Em's class. We'll see. I still want to keep up on doing yoga at home with the 20 minute iPod download, at least a few days a week. Plus my weekly walks to meet the girls for coffee on Sundays.

I think adding those work outs to my eating plan will help boost my weight and inches lost in the next few weeks! I am so excited to finally be on my way to being a healthier person!

Besides my weight loss efforts, I have also been working on my goal of keeping the house cleaned and organized this week. The kids have been doing really well on their chores, which is helping a lot. I have some good songs on a playlist on the iPod, too, that is helping me get my cleaning done. It's nice to have some loud music or interesting podcasts to listen to while I clean - it makes me want to do it more, and when it's the loud upbeat music I dance around while cleaning which is good for my body too!

This week has been a great start, but I know myself and I sometimes lose my way when things come up that throw me off. I am hoping that I can get through this month of January without losing focus so that I can make this new lifestyle more of a habit than a process. But I am not going to worry about any of that right now, I am going to bask in the knowledge that my life, my body, my family and my home are healthier and happier this week!

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