Tuesday, January 6, 2009


GRRRRR. Part of my plan with this whole "get healthy" thing was to feel better. I guess it's to be expected that changing my lifestyle will have some negative effects as they start to become habits - but it's weird. If I was feeling hungry all the time from dieting I could see being cranky - but I'm not. I actually have felt full pretty consistently for the past two days (I know, it's only day 2 and I am complaining). I am a little sore - but in the good way. I am not in pain, I am not hungry, I have been eating good, healthy, nutritious food so my brain should be functioning better and making my mood better. Instead tonight I am facing a horrible case of the cranky-moms. I am frustrated at the slightest thing, yelling at the kids for not eating their vegetables (In my defense, The Wild One finished his right away, very little complaints and he's the pickiest, so I know they tasted good to more than just me - and the girls both sat there for a good 20 minutes after all the rest of us were done eating still whining non-stop about not wanting them). The oldest whines and cries like a pubescent teen. At 8 she shouldn't be so freaking hormonal. But then again, neither should I, I suppose.

I need to go make ammends before bed I guess... back to do a re-cap of the day later :)

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