Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks, no really, thanks... NOT

Okay, let me set the stage...  I am in the middle of facebooking and making dinner simultaneously.  I am a very busy lady, don'tcha know?  So as the Princess is sitting there doing absolutely nothing I say, "Hey, while you're sitting there, why don't you fold the laundry?"  She responds, shockingly, with "sure". 

Back to the kitchen I go, glowing from the joy of having some laundry help.  Or maybe it's the steam facial from browning the turkey meat for chili (which, btw, is probably burning as I sit here to write this) thinking how lovely.

Then the shoe drops.  I hear a horrified scream from the other room.  "MMMMOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOMMMMM.... WHAT IS THIS????" Insert moment of mommy panic here.  Thoughts that run through my head include 1. Have I worn a naughty outfit recently that could have been mixed up in the wash, or worse - did a toy somehow get lodged into the sheets I washed yesterday (no, I don't mean a matchbox car people) and should I stop adding extra beans to our chili because every penny counts and will be needed to put towards future therapy bills?  2. Oh god, are the mice back?  I thought they were gone.  Crap.  3. ... okay, no time for thought number 3, I mean seriously people my house is about thisbig so getting from kitchen to living room really only requires moving my head about three inches to the right.

In any case, I look at my poor horrified daughter, who is holding up - of course - my granny panties!  Lovely.  The thing is - yes, I know this is TMI - I don't wear underwear as a rule.  I hate it.  All kinds.  But this weekend we had a fancy auction to attend to which I planned to wear a dress, so - underwear had to be worn.  It was a PTA auction, after all!  So, I wore my big old sucky -inny underoos that are very reminiscent of my grandma's one piece eye hook all up the back bra/panty combo piece of the early 80's.  **  Not really sure that this was actually an early '80's thing, but that's when I saw her wearing it, so that's my immediate thought.

anyway.  I just grabbed them, said they are mommies panties, thankyouverymuch, and you can go play now.

I may have over-reacted though - I think I saw her snickering about getting out of laundry duty on her way back to the TV.  LOL