Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just today....

I really have nothing of interest to share today, but I feel like blogging so hopefully some stream of consciousness thing will spark something I can actually turn into a thought worth sharing!

So lets start with my day... I got up this morning and got all ready, I made pancakes for the kids and got them up and ready for school. A friend called and asked if I'd babysit her 3 year old daughter today while she worked and so she came to spend the day with us, as well. It's one of those crazy Wednesdays where the Crazy Boy Child doesn't have school, so all three have been here all day. They have made many many messes that I have cleaned up, including taking Styrofoam and making it "snow" for the barbies. That was fun. At least I already needed to vacuum so it just forced me to do it sooner. We had a happy lunch of almond butter and honey sandwiches, grapes, pretzels and carrot sticks with ranch. They are now happily playing with the Princess who is home after a half day.

Hmmm... that wasn't interesting at all. Let's move on to dinner... tonight is supposed to be lasagna night, although I could do the chipotle chicken enchiladas that I postponed from last night. The problem is I have been thinking about this idea for a Chicken Alfredo Lasagna for the past two days and playing with a recipe... and I think I might have to go get some FF half and half and make that tonight instead. I'll save the marinara for another night, because I have some yummy ideas for a roasted garlic alfredo sauce and I think with some shredded chicken breasts that have been simmered in stock and garlic, and a mix of ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, egg and some italian seasonings I could make a kick ass lasagna tonight. Maybe I'll get some dough and do breadsticks with a mix of butter and EVOO and some garlic salt on top - like the kind from Olive Garden - to dip into extra sauce. Hmmm... with a dinner this yummy sounding, I feel like I should invite others to come over and have dinnner with us :) I guess I should try it first and if it's good then I can make it again. The trick is making it decadent and rich tasting while still keeping the integrity of a healthy meal. Whole wheat lasagna pasta is a given, and an alfredo sauce made of FF half and half instead of heavy cream, and maybe adding some frozen chopped spinach to the layering would add some veggie to the mix. Always a plus.

Ugh. okay. I'm totally un-interesting today, so I am bailing on blogging and off to start roasting my garlic for tonight :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Prop 8 - California, you should be ashamed.

As a happily married heterosexual mom of three, I am stunned and disgusted by those in California who feel it's there job to police others lives.

Message to those in favor of Prop 8:
I am not sure if you were just confused, but allowing same sex couples to marry does NOT mean that you all have to marry someone of the same sex. No one is forcing all couples to now be gay. Maybe you were confused and that is why you think that banning loving couples from being married will somehow preserve your own marriages? I am really sorry that your marriages are so rocky that stopping someone else from getting married makes you feel better, but maybe you can work on your own business and leave everyone else's families alone? I don't know if you are aware, but in that bible you are so fond of quoting I am pretty sure it says something about NOT JUDGING OTHERS??? Isn't that God's job? So if you are so sure you are right, and that being in a same sex marriage is soooo wrong, maybe you can trust in that God of yours and let him handle his own business and you can focus on following that no judging rule?? Just a thought. In the meantime - we are finally able to put one form of prejudice behind us and try to move past the awful hatred we bred against those with different skin colors. Think of how we judge those generations past who believed in segregation, discrimination and hate... you do realize that some day that is what our children and grandchildren will think of us? How sad.

Back here in Washington, I am glad that we've not faced this yet... at least I can still live in my own world where I believe we are better than California and given the opportunity, we'd never discriminate here :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Even in the face of history - life goes on

So, I was up all last night watching Election returns. I was bawling when we reached that historic moment of electing our nations first African-American president, and held my children close when I realized that as they grow up, this will be a norm for them. The final step to end our societies openly hostile and discriminatory history. At least towards skin color. According to the latest numbers even Californians can't get past their need for discrimination against those with a different sexual orientation, but I really don't want to get into that right now - I just read the latest HRC email and I'm depressed by it - so I am instead going to rant about my day. Why? Because it's my blog and I'll rant if I want to :)

So, after rejoicing all night, I got up at 6:15 this morning and showered. I lotioned and potioned, dried my hair, did my makeup, got dressed and went out to make chocolate chip pancakes for the kids. Yes, I make chocolate chip pancakes on a school day - well, technically I make Whole Wheat Soy Carob chip pancakes - but whatever. I also packed The Princesses lunch of Turkey and Mustard on Whole Wheat, Carrot sticks and ranch, an apple and some chocolate graham crackers and Vanilla Yogurt. Then I woke The Princess and made her go take a shower so she could lotion and potion up and dry her hair, straighten it, and get ready for school while I folded the laundry from the dryer, moved the stuff from the washer to the dryer, and started another load. I woke up the Crazy Boy Child and the Diva and got them to eat, get dressed, did their hair, made them all brush their teeth, pack up the backpacks and get ready to leave. We actually got out of here on time at 8:10AM.

I dropped The Princess off at school since The Crazy Boy Child had an off wednesday, which we have every other week in our district. I took him and the Diva to the YMCA, where I dropped him off in the nursery and took her into the pool for swimming lessons. Then we got showered - again - changed and went off to stand in the pre-registration line to make sure she gets the same time for next session since it's the only time that class is offered that we can make it and she LOVES the pool. Then we went back to the Big School and had The Crazy Boy Child's first conference. It was great. He's doing great. I might have to change his name soon :) After the conference we went to the Princesses class and helped her teacher do small groups where they estimated and then found out the hight, weight, circumfrence and **number of seeds** in a pumpkin. Yes, that means that we had to open them up and let the kids count the number of seeds in the pumpkins. That was fun. Not. After school - noon since it's a half day - I brought the kids home and made them a quick lunch. We had 30 minutes to make it, eat it and get back in the car to go back to the YMCA so the older two could do their swimming and gymnastics lessons. I did another load of laundry during that time, too! Fun Fun Fun. I put the Diva in childcare this time so I could have an hour to work out. Lovely! After that the kids got changed and we went home to do homework, helped the Princess practice her dance for her competition on Sunday, made dinner, eat it, and clean the kitchen. This time we were home for 2 hours to accomplish all that. Then it was time to drive her to Cheer Practice and go in and chat with her coach for a minute about her practice time. Then it's home to vacuum, clean the kitchen, do another load of laundry and get the other two kids to settle down and get ready for bed time - which gives them about 2 hours of down time before it's time to do showers for them (the younger two shower at night), brush teeth, pick out clothes, read a story and get that last drink of water so that I can actually have some time with the husband before falling asleep.

Things I didn't do today that I was supposed to so will now have to wait for tomorrow: cleaning the bathrooms, organizing paperwork, cleaning out the car, paying past due bills.


Tomorrow is actually my **long** day, which means finding time to get all that stuff done on top of my **long** day stuff anyway.

I'm soooo done.