Monday, March 17, 2008

It's only the begining

I have been reading blogs for sometime now, and finally realize it's time to join the revolution and get on the bandwagon!

So, lets start with some introductions - I am almost 26 years old. I married my High School sweetheart (hate that phrase, btw) and am a SAHM (hate that one, too!!) to three kiddos. The Princess is 7 but thinks she's 17. The Wild One is 4.5 and crazy - hence the nickname. He is in preschool for the last year and in September will be off to Kindergarten. Poor teachers. Then there is the Diva. She's 2. She's the queen of the world, at least in her own mind. She's very cute, very sweet, and really knows how to use it already! Then there is the Husband. He is fabulous, and I love him. I know, that's not what anyone wants to hear, and I promise I will do my fair share of complaining about him throughout my blogging experience, but on the whole, I am really lucky. He is good at housework, good at childcare (although he's no MOMMY, LOL) and he's great in bed.

Okay, so back to me :) I was a SAHM for about 3 years after the Princess was born. When the Wild One was born, I decided that staying home alone all day with two small kids was not for me, so I became a NAHM - Never At Home Mom, which I think is a much more appropriate term for almost all moms. So, I joined MOMS Club, which was a huge turning point in my life. Through that organization, I met other NAHM's with kids the same ages as mine, and developed friendships and connections that I adore to this day. I also found a co-op preschool that has been a wonder for my family. We love it there, and have truly found a second family with all of them.

I am currently involved on the board of both organizations, as well as on the Princesses school's PTA. On top of that, I am a full time college student with one 20 credit quarter left to get that elusive AA degree and get started with my preschool teaching career. I am excited, and nervous.

So, there's the intro... I am sure I will have to fill in deets as the blogging progresses, but that gives you enough info to know a little about whats up with my life as I rant, review, complain and vent :)