Monday, January 5, 2009

Day One of the New Life

Okay, it's 6 AM on the first day that I am practicing my new lifestyle.  Today I start eating healthy, working out, keeping a cleaner home, being a better mom, and a better wife.  Those are the big things I need to work on this year and I have a plan for each.  I am going to be exhausted.  But this blog is going to help me keep track of my emotions and my thoughts as I work towards those things.

So lets start by checking in with my emotions and goals for today.  I am exhausted, but I feel excited about all the changes.  I am ready to start my new eating plan - including forcing myself to eat breakfast.  But I am going to shower first :)  I plan to eat a Banana-Peanut Butter smoothie for breakfast, some carrots and an orange as a snack later after doing 20 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of cardio - either jumping on the tramp or walking.  Lunch will have to be a can of soup or a sandwich - I am only allowing myself one smoothie per day and forcing myself to eat an actual meal for either breakfast or lunch.  Then dinner tonight is a baked potato with fat free sour cream, steamed broccoli and some cheese.  Yummy and healthy and vegetarian!  I also am going to help the kids remember their chores, spend some quality time with each doing some learning or homework, get them to bed on time so I can have quality time with Jeff, I want to make time today to call my mom, my brother, my sister and my grandparents and tell them I love them.

It's going to be the emotions that do me in.  When I start feeling bored, or unhappy, or tired - I give up.  So I am hoping that the GABA supplements work and keep my mood elevated and on an even keel so that I can keep up with the things I need to do and not sink back into the substandard status quo.  Ok, it's 6:20 and time to shower and really start the day - wish me luck...

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