Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2

Okay, well ... I did really well yesterday.  I ate well (I am not even beating myself up over the whole wheat pita chips and salsa at 10PM) and worked out twice - 2 20 minute yoga sessions, plus 20 minutes of cardio!

I also spent time with the kids and Jeff.  We had a great day with no arguing or fighting or anything.  It was happy.  The kids even started their new chores and everything.  No one complained or got mad - it was wonderful.  Benefit of my kids being so young I suppose - they still think helping and doing chores is fun :)

So today is harder already.  Getting up this morning was harder than yesterday.  I would really like to go back to bed, but I am going to finish my coffee then go take a shower.  The Diva has preschool this morning, so I will be bringing the laptop and trying to get online there for the first time.  I'm excited about that!  Not that there is any reason to be online for that hour and a half - I could easily wait until I get home.  But I probably won't.  LOL.

I think I am going to do the whole wheat english muffin with laughing cow cheese and egg whites and an apple this morning for breakfast.  See if that fills me up like the monkey smoothie yesterday.  Tonight's dinner is Salmon and wild rice with glazed carrots. Lunch is yet to be determined.  Depends on how hungry I am, I suppose.

I feel good though - I feel a little sore, and very tired, but happy.

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