Monday, November 10, 2008

Prop 8 - California, you should be ashamed.

As a happily married heterosexual mom of three, I am stunned and disgusted by those in California who feel it's there job to police others lives.

Message to those in favor of Prop 8:
I am not sure if you were just confused, but allowing same sex couples to marry does NOT mean that you all have to marry someone of the same sex. No one is forcing all couples to now be gay. Maybe you were confused and that is why you think that banning loving couples from being married will somehow preserve your own marriages? I am really sorry that your marriages are so rocky that stopping someone else from getting married makes you feel better, but maybe you can work on your own business and leave everyone else's families alone? I don't know if you are aware, but in that bible you are so fond of quoting I am pretty sure it says something about NOT JUDGING OTHERS??? Isn't that God's job? So if you are so sure you are right, and that being in a same sex marriage is soooo wrong, maybe you can trust in that God of yours and let him handle his own business and you can focus on following that no judging rule?? Just a thought. In the meantime - we are finally able to put one form of prejudice behind us and try to move past the awful hatred we bred against those with different skin colors. Think of how we judge those generations past who believed in segregation, discrimination and hate... you do realize that some day that is what our children and grandchildren will think of us? How sad.

Back here in Washington, I am glad that we've not faced this yet... at least I can still live in my own world where I believe we are better than California and given the opportunity, we'd never discriminate here :)

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