Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just today....

I really have nothing of interest to share today, but I feel like blogging so hopefully some stream of consciousness thing will spark something I can actually turn into a thought worth sharing!

So lets start with my day... I got up this morning and got all ready, I made pancakes for the kids and got them up and ready for school. A friend called and asked if I'd babysit her 3 year old daughter today while she worked and so she came to spend the day with us, as well. It's one of those crazy Wednesdays where the Crazy Boy Child doesn't have school, so all three have been here all day. They have made many many messes that I have cleaned up, including taking Styrofoam and making it "snow" for the barbies. That was fun. At least I already needed to vacuum so it just forced me to do it sooner. We had a happy lunch of almond butter and honey sandwiches, grapes, pretzels and carrot sticks with ranch. They are now happily playing with the Princess who is home after a half day.

Hmmm... that wasn't interesting at all. Let's move on to dinner... tonight is supposed to be lasagna night, although I could do the chipotle chicken enchiladas that I postponed from last night. The problem is I have been thinking about this idea for a Chicken Alfredo Lasagna for the past two days and playing with a recipe... and I think I might have to go get some FF half and half and make that tonight instead. I'll save the marinara for another night, because I have some yummy ideas for a roasted garlic alfredo sauce and I think with some shredded chicken breasts that have been simmered in stock and garlic, and a mix of ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, egg and some italian seasonings I could make a kick ass lasagna tonight. Maybe I'll get some dough and do breadsticks with a mix of butter and EVOO and some garlic salt on top - like the kind from Olive Garden - to dip into extra sauce. Hmmm... with a dinner this yummy sounding, I feel like I should invite others to come over and have dinnner with us :) I guess I should try it first and if it's good then I can make it again. The trick is making it decadent and rich tasting while still keeping the integrity of a healthy meal. Whole wheat lasagna pasta is a given, and an alfredo sauce made of FF half and half instead of heavy cream, and maybe adding some frozen chopped spinach to the layering would add some veggie to the mix. Always a plus.

Ugh. okay. I'm totally un-interesting today, so I am bailing on blogging and off to start roasting my garlic for tonight :)

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