Monday, April 6, 2009

Lame day

So, the day started off really well...
We had an AWESOME spring break - Great Wolf vacation, nice relaxing weekend afterwards (pics on FB for those that care) - and I was all ready and prepared for this week of going back to "real life". I had meals planned, fruits and veggies prepped, I even made muffins for breakfast this morning. I got up, kids were ready and to school on time, and we even made it to swimming lessons on time and I worked out on the dreaded elliptical machine. Good for me. I should have known better than to think that just because I was prepared and feeling confident did NOT mean the day was going to go my way.

First of all, my biggest goal for the past few years has been to get my kids into our district's cooperative elementary school program. It's a hard program to get into since they only let 22 - 24 kids in each class... and those are multiage classrooms, so only 11 or 12 kids in each grade level... and when you add that they gender balance each grade, that leaves about 5 or 6 spots for each gender in each grade. That's not a lot of opportunity. Unfortunately, (although they have dropped all day Kindergarten in the whole district so it's not a problem anymore) the Kindergarten class costs $250 a month (same cost as regular all day K) so we never tried to get in with either kid for Kindergarten because, well, we're poor folk and that is way over our limit on paying for public education! So instead, we have put the kids in the lottery each year. Since the princess is headed to 3rd grade, this is her 3rd lotto. It's the wild child's first, since he'll be headed to 1st grade. And... I bet you saw this coming... we didn't get in. Again. GRRRR!!! We are number 1 on the third grade waiting list, so there is a good chance that by the time school starts in September she'll be in. Unfortunately, 1st grade is hardest to get into, so we have no chance there. If we'd lotteried into 3rd, since the lotto goes down from 6th grade, we would have automatically gotten into 1st under the sibling program (if you have one kid in the program, come placement time your other kids are in priority list) but since we didn't, even if we do get in by the beginning of the year for 3rd, the 1st class is already full. So while I am pretty sure we get moved up higher to the priority waitlist, we still won't get guaranteed a spot, and chances are we won't get in anyway.


Then, when I called to complain to the hubs, he proceeds to tell me all about his crappy day. Problems with the boss again, who has ridiculous expectations but refuses to allow the hubs - as manager of the food and beverage, and banquet, departments - to actually fire and hire people at will so he can train the staff to his expections. So instead, he's stuck with a staff that was trained badly and don't want to learn anything new or do things his way since he's still the "newbie" compared to most of the hourly employees. So when they screw up and they get complaints to his department it's his fault for not being a good enough manager. Even though he wants to change things so it's more productive and they won't let him. UGH. In this economy, it's really scary because there aren't a lot of jobs out there for event managers. People aren't having many events, therefore most businesses aren't hiring. So thank god, they didn't fire him, but he's worried. And pissed. So instead of being able to get some condolences about how devestated I am that we still aren't in the co-op program, I have to be Mrs. Supportive Spouse.


And, the princess has dance class tonight at 7:45, so at least I will get to go work out again - it's sick and wrong how much I am learning to love and look forward to that time. And just maybe if the hubs gets home early enough I can go tanning first.

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